17 Hacks to Stay Fit and Healthy This Monsoon

17 Hacks to Stay Fit and Healthy This Monsoon

Monsoon brings rejuvenation with hope of new life, promise of rain escaping the tiredness of hot and humidity of summer days. Not only human, but also every living being on the earth enjoys rain. With so many opportunities, monsoon makes people highly prone to sickness. Read on this blog to know how to stay healthy while enjoying rainy season to the fullest. 

  1. Increase the intake of Vitamin C

Monsoon is the season for thriving bacteria and viruses. At this time, certain viral infections, allergic reactions and viral fevers will rampant. As air contains more bacteria at this time you need to stay healthy for increasing the immunity. Therefore, you have to increase the intake of Vitamin C.

Start consuming oranges, fresh green vegetables and sprouts for having Vitamin C-enriched diet. In case you fall ill, then book a same day doctor appointment in London and seek the treatment on time. 

  1. Drink plenty of water

With the arrival of monsoon, people start drinking less water. However, you must hydrate yourself to stay healthy. Therefore, you must take care of drinking plenty of purified and clean water despite where you are. When you prefer any beverages to drink outside make sure that only pure water like ice contains in it. Even carrying a water bottle of your own is better to stay safe.

  1. Consume more probiotic

Healthy microorganisms like probiotics will support the health and they live in digestive system. You have to be responsible to increase the intake of probiotics via certain foods such as homemade pickles, buttermilk, yogurt and curds. It will make the gut health highly resilient and enhance the nutrient absorption.

By this way, your digestive system will not only be healthier but also stronger as well against any possible stomach infections. But if you experience any such infections then visit a private doctor in city of London to obtain the treatment on time.

  1. Stay away from junk foods

Junks like freshly cut fruits or salads and street foods you should avoid. The roads have portholes acting as perfect incubators for certain harmful microorganisms. As long as the food exposes to open air as higher the chance of illness. So, you have stay away from favorite junks if you don’t contact any disease. Otherwise, you need to visit same day doctor in London for immediate treatment.

  1. Destroy the mosquitoes’ breeding ground

Mosquito breeding is the most annoying issue of monsoon. Being a nasty little create they are ideal to make you miserable. However, by following certain precautions you can get a mosquito-free home. Make sure that your home has no open storage for water. Always store water in covered vessels and pots! Also ensure that your drainage system is perfect so that rainwater doesn’t get stagnant.

  1. Pour some disinfectant to bathwater

Most of the people enjoy strolling in rain. Almost every people have it in their bucket list. But when you step indoor take a shower using disinfectant such as Betadine, Salon and Dettol. It will protect you from thousands of microorganisms which you bring along maintaining your health.

Every time you come back home from outside; wash the legs, feet and hands extensively with clean water. You need to clean you face too so that no allergic reaction can break off!

  1. Iron the damp clothes

When there is monsoon, there will be molds everywhere. People use wardrobes and closets for storing linen, bedsheets and clothing. As these areas become cool damping will start due to rain. As a result, soon mold will infest the garments. With seldom light it is really tough to warm the clothes. Therefore, ironing is the best thing you can do.

  1. Take care for veggies and fruits

Always prefer fresh and cleanly prepared food when you have anything outdoors. During monsoon, you should scrub the veggies and fruits thoroughly with running water to get rid of the germs on their skins. Don’t have salads or raw fruits from the street vendors as it can make you ill. 

  1. Ensure to take sufficient sleep

Avoid working late or binge watching for long. Take proper sleep for 7-8 hours as it will bolster the immunity by cutting off the chance of cold- and flu-like conditions.

  1. Exercise daily

Never allow rain to hamper your daily routine of exercising. Burpees, planks, squats and jumping rope are fantastic workouts which you can perform indoors. Exercise helps in staying in shape by shedding off extra pounds while taking care of the immunity as well. It triggers serotonin (happy hormone) production, enhances blood circulation and heart pumps which will fortify the immune system against bacteria and viruses.

  1. Maintain your hand hygiene

Sanities or wash the hands properly before you start eating anything while you are out or in your home. By this way, you will be able to kill the microbes which exist on the hands’ skin. Always remember, the population of germs incredibly increases during monsoon.

  1. Enter an air-conditioned room only if you are dry

If you get drenched completely at the time of commuting then wait prior to enter your air-conditioned home or office! Always keep a towel in your bag in monsoon for drying yourself. Air conditioning systems unfurl cold air which can make you fall terribly sick or have severe common cold if your clothes and skin are wet.

  1. Take necessary precautions against mosquitoes

Preventive measures against mosquitoes never end by clearing the stagnant water. They are able to fly and bite you anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is utmost important to apply mosquito repellent well all over the body before going out. Also when you are in home; always use mosquito net and repellents. Visit the doctor without any delay for regular health check up and consultation.    

  1. Care your nails

If you don’t tend off the nails regularly then it is the season you must do. Regular clipping of the nails and washing them will ensure no accumulation of bacteria and germs.

  1. Protect yourself from allergens

Allergies trigger at the time of monsoon. In case you are badly prone to pollution, vapours and dust then prefer wearing mask while going outside. Even you should keep anti-allergy medicine along to have them when you get the reaction.  

  1. Keep minimum distance from ill people

Most people suffer from common cold or flu at the time of monsoon; therefore you should stay aware always. During travelling ensure to maintain a safe distance from ill people. This will protect the entrance of infected respiratory particles from your body.

  1. Don’t put on wet shoes

When there is monsoon outside you can’t set out expecting to come back with dry and clean shoes. After your shoes become drenched or mud-spattered then you need to clean it. Then leave it to dry up completely prior to put on them again. Otherwise, pathogen will develop making it unfit to use further. Therefore, it is better to have special rubber shoes or other pairs to put on next day.

Monsoon is really spirit-uplifting and nature rejuvenating season. However, people mostly fall ill in this season as our health becomes vulnerable. With the above-mentioned tips enjoy the upcoming monsoon without any health worries. Even if you fall ill, you can visit Private Doctor London Clinic on making an appointment to get the treatment

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