All you need to know about Kasol

The popularity of Kasol, a scenic village in Kullu that is spread along the river Parvati, has suddenly increased in the past five years due to the fast growing number of backpackers and travellers looking for quiet retreats in north India. It’s on everyone’s bucket list, and those who planned a vacation to Kasol based on recommendations from friends, relatives, and reputable travel bloggers haven’t been let down by the location. The tranquil tiny community, 42 kilometres from the Bhuntar airport, provides a mental and spiritual treat. It is close by as you move towards Manikaran, a sacred site for Sikhs distinguished by its hot springs. There are many short climbs and excursions that lead to incredibly gorgeous communities.

About Kasol 

Kasol is renowned for its beautiful scenery and unique culture. This location is constantly on the lists of tourists, especially those seeking both tranquilly and adventure. Your trip to Kasol will be so blissful, thanks to the villages and stunning scenery of Parvati Valley, that you won’t want to leave. This will bring you closer to nature. The valleys of Kasol have so much to take in that you simply cannot.

Ideal Season to Visit Kasol 

Although Kasol is a year-round vacation spot, May and June are the finest times to go. Nevertheless, people also adore going there in the winter, from November to February.

The Top 2 Attractions in Kasol 

Kasol is a compact area that is simple to navigate on foot. The places you should see while in Kasol are listed in this travel guide to Kasol.  Kasol has plenty of picturesque locations, so you’ll undoubtedly have enough DPs and cover photos when you return. You must incorporate treks and treads in your Kasol itinerary if you want to visit some great locations close to Kasol, such as the Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Trek, and Kheer Ganga Trek. To get to the starting point, you might need to make short taxi or jeep rides.

1. Chalal – Tour the Villages and Hikes in the Kasol Area 

Visit Malana or Tosh to get a sense of life in the countryside in these areas. Malana, a remote village 21 kilometers from Kasol, has not yet been influenced by contemporary culture. The Malana people, who live in one of the oldest democracies in the world, assert that they are sprung from Alexander’s troops, although this assertion is heavily contested. But it’s not their descent that makes this place so well-known. The quality hashish known as Malana cream is a favorite with young Israelis, Europeans, and Indians visiting Kasol. Malana locals have stringent rules about visitors, but the community and its beauty are breathtaking. Rocky landscapes dotted with lovely vegetation and rural dwellings are both charming and serene.

2. Tosh – Take in Magnificent Views 

Tosh, located 18 kilometres from Kasol, is another lovely village. For those driving their own vehicle, it is preferable to use a local taxi because the road leading to Tosh is in poor condition. Although the journey may be difficult, mountain enthusiasts will agree that this is the ideal location. Simply said, finding a suitable location to stay in will require you to exert yourself a little more. Ashwin’s, Pink Floyd Café, Shiva Mountain, Jackie Place Hotel Blue Diamond, Olive Garden, Mountain Goat Café, and others are popular cafés in Kasol where you can enjoy exquisite meals. A short hike to the Kulta glacier is accessible from here; it is not an especially picturesque location.


5 Activities You Should Do While in Kasol 

The same cliched things to do in Kasol have been discussed extensively in writing and on blogs. Even while not all of them are completely useless, there is still a lot more to see and do in Kasol, which this travel guide will tell you about.

  1. Trekking and Hiking 

There is nothing more peaceful than strolling through verdant vegetation. For casual walkers, hikers, and everyone in between, Kasol provides a variety of exploration choices. Locals are the best to give you a sense of each route’s degree of difficulty. 

  1. Israeli Cuisine 

In Kasol, life is nice with a Shakshouka, Bureka, and lemon cake. After exploring the top attractions in Kasol, you’d love to chow down on some delectable Israeli cuisine. This is where you should start if you haven’t sampled the cuisine yet. Repeat the dishes you like as you go, one at a time. Bear in mind the trout! 

  1. Camping in kasol

Unsure of your hotel options? Try camping in Kasol if you really want to get to know this place for what it is like. While there are a few possibilities, you might get lucky at the tents provided by the Forest Department. 

  1. Take in the tranquilly 

Kasol can be incredibly serene. While you’re still surrounded by imposing peaks and a raging river, pursue your passions. The best spot to revive lapsed interests that go stale in your metropolitan lifestyle is Kasol. 

  1. Games 

In Kasol, you can play chess, carrom, volleyball, and a lot of other games. If you have time to do so, pack that rusty archery set, the air rifle you almost lost, or the hastily stashed badminton equipment. Play carom at Jim Morrison Café, volleyball at Cottage Cafe, or pithu if you’re with a group. Persuaded to go to the location? With this beginner’s guide to Kasol, we bet you’ll have a fantastic time there. Have a great time with your buddies by booking a vacation with us. Kasol is a rather secure location for solitary travel as well! So, if you’ve been considering travelling alone, start right here!

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