Amazing Cruises in India

Amazing Cruises in India

What are your plans for your next vacation? Not planned yet or not getting the best options for an offbeat vacation? If you are looking for entertainment and fun on your journey, India Cruises can be the best option for you. And the most important thing, you don’t even have to go out of the country to have the best cruise journey. There are a lot of cruise options that serve you exactly what you want. Going on a cruise has become very popular these days, as it gives the best travelling experience to people. It provides the best luxury services and makes your water travel a lot more comfortable than any other journey ever. Here’s a list of the best cruises in India, that will just give you the best experience of sea travel and make your journey more fun and entertaining.

  1. Sundarbans luxury cruise

Sundarbans is a mangrove area formed by the confluence of three major rivers Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna River in the Bay of Bengal. The water surrounded area is the best to be traveled by a cruise. The cruise takes you to a trip to the Sundarbans that are full of scenic views all around. The area is full of different flora and fauna and a magnificent water body. If you want to have some time with yourself to relax in a personal space, air conditioning and rooms with luxury amenities are available on the cruise. There’s even a place where you can come out and enjoy the scenic views and fresh views. There’s even a library if you want to spend some time reading, some great reads. If you feel tired and your muscles strained, you can relax in the massage parlor present on the cruise.

  1. Lakshadweep Cruise

Lakshadweep is a place where you can just watch the beauty and calmness of nature. Lakshadweep is a place full of stunning panoramic landscapes, seascapes, and scenic views. This beautiful island is located 300 miles from Kerala coastline. Lakshadweep is a group of 36 islands, 10 of which are habitable. It is one of the most coveted holiday places because of its location and scenery. You will get enough time to get off board and relax yourself on the islands and even socialize with the locals. You can also engage yourself in some birdwatching or walking around the coral reef.

  1. The Goa Cruise

Partying on the Cruises is one of the highlights of a Goa trip for many people. The beaches of Goa, are best to be explored walking. But, going on a cruise can be the best getaway to relax and chill while exploring the beaches. Everyone sees the beaches from one perspective, that’s the walk and land; try out for another way of exploring Goa beaches. Just imagine, you are relaxing on the deck and Dolphins are swimming across the sea! Fascinating isn’t it? Remember that the Cruises are one of the highlights of a Goa vacation. You can get the vacation you wanted for a long time.

  1. Nefertiti cruise

If you are planning for a Kerala trip, then Nefertiti Cruise can be a suitable option for you. You’ll get one of the most luxurious experiences of this cruise. If you want a relaxing vacation, then this cruise is just for you. You’ll get a handful of activities taking place on the cruise. These activities include, dance, party, workshops, games and much more. There’s an in-house theatre where you can watch the latest Marvel movie that will definitely make you go out of the world.

  1. Cordelia Cruises

A holiday that has both the spark of the city and serenity of the sea. Seems surreal right? What do you think about a vacation in the sea? Imagine everything that you think you want in your dream vacation. Whether it be dining on a starry night, trying your luck on a poker table or exploring different destinations. If you thought of a foreign vacation for all this, just forget about it. You have a better option in India itself, that’s the Cordelia Cruises. This Vacation is best done in any way, be it solo, with friends or with family, Cruises have always got you. Cordelia Cruises have got the best holiday offers for you. Cordelia Cruises sail in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. They’ve got the best activities and luxurious hospitality and services that will surely make your journey memorable.

  1. Andaman Islands Cruise

A place with white sand, turquoise sea and blue sky. How beautiful right? Andaman is just a place with all this! Capturing such a beautiful sight would be an unforgettable experience. Get on board on this Mumbai to Andaman Cruise and experience this beauty yourself. Here, you can indulge yourself in many fun activities like scuba diving, cave hiking, and many other water sports.

Andaman is an archipelago. It is situated in Bay of Bengal that consists of almost 300 islands. It is a very dreamy place where you will find yourself in Euphoria.

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