ChartLogic EMR How it Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Chart Logic EMR – How it Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

When it comes to the best EMR systems for business, there’s no need to look further than ChartLogic EMR. The software is packed with powerful features that will make your job easier, and the company has excellent customer support. Read on to learn more about the Chart logic EMR and how it can help you make better business decisions.

Chart logic EMR Reviews

Chart Logic EMR and practice management software is one of the most user-friendly medical record solutions. It allows doctors and clinicians to perform multiple tasks without having to rely on clunky, complicated software. It also helps patients’ information stay safe.

The company offers a wide variety of products and services for practices. Its products cover all aspects of care, from primary care to surgical procedures. The software also allows for easy customization and interoperability. It combines voice input and automation to streamline the collection process.

The Chart Logic EHR is available as an on-premise solution, as well as a SaaS solution. It is a complete EMR package that includes electronic health records, billing, e-prescribing, and practice management.

The system can be used from any device that supports a web browser. The user-friendly interface and custom templates make the software simple to use. It also makes it easier to customize notes and patient encounters.

Chart Logic EMR Pricing

One of the leading electronic medical record (EMR) solutions in the market, Chart Logic EMR is designed to meet the needs of physicians and practices. The software provides a variety of features and capabilities that help streamline clinical operations, while helping doctors spend more time with patients. Using its cloud-based platform, Chart Logic’s software can be easily integrated with other systems.

The software’s voice dictation feature allows users to enter data using voice commands. It also includes a special vocabulary of specialty-specific words and a library of templates. It can create a patient record in less than 90 seconds.

Other key features include the ability to integrate with practice management software. It also offers a patient portal. In addition to this, Chart Logic’s EHR/EMR software is easy to use.

Chart Logic EMR Features

Chart Logic EHR features provide a fast and effective way for physicians and other healthcare providers to capture and record patient encounters. The EHR platform is also designed to facilitate paperless workflow. It also offers customizable templates and other modules that allow users to create their own smart fields.

The EHR is a stand-alone application that is also integrated with Chart Logic’s Practice Management System (PM). PM is a powerful tool that allows doctors to schedule appointments and manage billing and collections.

The PM module also enables providers to view patient demographics, appointment history, and available time slots. It streamlines revenue generation and gives practice managers full control over their patients’ engagement.

Another key feature of the EMR is Precision Voice, which is a voice dictation engine that allows physicians to create records within 90 seconds. The software is powered by proprietary software, allowing for voice recognition of physician speech and the ability to insert customized templates.

Chart Logic EMR Demo

Chart Logic EMR is a full-featured electronic medical records system. It can be integrated with a practice management software or used as a standalone program. It features voice technology to document patient visits in less than 90 seconds. It also includes customizable templates and a library of specialty-specific vocabulary.

The system can be accessed through a web browser. The software is built to be efficient, with only small resource requirements. It uses a proprietary command and control methodology to allow users to create notes quickly. Its storage capacity is expandable.

Using the EMR systems, physicians can make virtual appointments with patients and provide care remotely. They can also cross check patient medical history and generate reports. They can also prescribe medications electronically.

Chart Logic also offers a suite of services to assist practices with managing their IT systems. It offers security monitoring and a dedicated Help Desk. It also provides webinars and whitepapers.


The Chart Logic EHR suite includes an impressive array of features spanning the entire practice spectrum. In short, it’s a one-stop shop for your ambulatory needs, from patient and practice management to billing and collections. To boot, it’s got an enviable low monthly subscription fee and easy to use interface. Besides, the software is aptly sized to suit the average busy office or clinic.

The Chart Logic EHR suite isn’t the only one of its ilk in town. In fact, it is a member of a select few EHR suites that include the likes of Epic and GE Healthcare. The Chart Logic EMR is particularly suitable for the surgical sub-specialty community. While not as comprehensive as its more storied sibling, it’s got the goods. Its most notable feature is the Collection Center, a slick software tool that automates many of the clerical tasks typically done by the receptionist. It also offers a nice touch in the customer service department.

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