Complete guide of Bhrigu Lake trek

Complete guide of Bhrigu Lake trek

A high altitude lake in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is the subject of the Bhrigu Lake Trek. From Manali, it takes just three days to walk there. The finest feature of the Bhrigu Lake Trek is that it only takes three days to ascend 14,000 feet. If they have received all of their training, they will often accomplish this achievement on the fourth or fifth day. Therefore, try to envision finishing something similar in three days. The majority of alpine meadows begin above the treeline, at a height of 11,000 feet. Within the first ten minutes of the actual hike, you begin strolling across the meadows.

Best time to visit :

Himachal Pradesh is a difficult place to travel, but because of the adrenaline rush it provides, it is one of the top objectives for hikers. Beginning in Manali, the hike is around 11 kilometers long. The hike might either conclude at Manali or Vashist. From mid-May until mid-October, you may begin your Bhrigu Lake Trek. Since the rainy season runs from August to June, these are the finest months to embark on a hike. Averaging 20 to 25 degrees during the day and 5 to 7 degrees at night, the summertime temperature is comfortable.

The temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees during the day and significantly lower at night if you plan to go to Bhrigu Lake in December. At night, it can even drop below zero. The lake has been frozen for over six months. You can take pleasure in seeing the snow and the lake when the sun shines. Even when they set out early in the summer, travelers may take in the sight of the snow.

Even for experienced trekkers, winter trekking in the Himalayas may be intimidating. When traveling in December, the winter trip to Bhrigu Lake is completed. The area is completely blanketed with thick snow, and it can be as cold as minus 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the highest reaches are covered in a lot of snow. Therefore, undertaking the journey during the winter is not advised.

Route to Bhrigu trek:

From Manali, you must take a car to Gulaba, where you must hike upwards to reach Rola Kholi. It is a 7 mile hike that takes around 4-5 hours.Location of Gulaba is a on the route to Rohtang Pass. The walk begins at Gulaba and passes via Rola Kholi. From Rola to Bhrigu Lake and finally to Pandu Ropa is a 14-mile journey that takes about 7-8 hours.


You will always become familiar with a new world when mountaineering in the Himalayas. Bhrigu Lake is situated between the ridges of two high altitude peaks, as you would realize if you choose to get there on foot. You’ll notice that the lake takes on a variety of shapes. Sometimes, it has ice floating on it, turns blue or green, or both. It can occasionally be entirely frozen during the winter months. You can discover some grass and flowers around the lake if you visit during the monsoon season. The stunning view of the lake alone makes this walk worthwhile. As soon as you begin your trip, you will enter the meadows. There, some of the significant peaks that you have only read about in literature may be seen. When you are strolling across the meadows, you will witness Ladakhi, Shitidhar, and Hanuman Tibba. But as you reach the summit, you will also view Indrasen and Deo Tibba. The Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountains are also visible in clear weather.

Itinerary :

DAY 1:

The entire walk from Manali takes four days, after which you must finish the registration process. You can leave every luggage in the camp that you reserved. You must have access to certain acclimatization-enhancing activities at your camp. You may just take pleasure in the activities that your camp has planned. You may go for around 1.5 hours to the point of Jogni Waterfalls.

DAY 2: 

You may either drive from Manali to Base Village or hike to the base campground. Your trek representative may be found there, and they will drive you to the base settlement. To get to the base camp from here, you must hike from your campsite. It will take 3–4 hours to reach this location through a somewhat difficult ascent. You can see the Solang Valley from the wonderful base campground. You will then spend the night at the campsite in tents.

DAY 3:

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is around 11 kilometers long and takes nine hours to complete. Therefore, it is preferable to begin with breakfast. Always bring a lunch to eat in between. The walk will take around 3–4 hours to complete in one direction. As soon as you get to the lake’s location, you may just enjoy its beauty and take a tonne of pictures.

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