The Best Bike Trips in India

A bike trip in India is the best way to discover the incredible beauty of this country. From the majestic Himalayas to the beautiful beaches, India will keep you awestruck with its splendid views and soothing sounds all around you. Although there are hundreds of places in India which can give you an unforgettable experience on your bike, we bring you here the best bike trips in India which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Also, you can confirm your booking from banbanjara. So, if you love spending time on your bike and exploring new places then don’t miss out on these trips and start making your bucket list today!

Ladakh to Manali

This route is called the ride of dreams. It is an adventurous trip with various terrains like dry barren lands, lush green valleys, and high altitudes. There are several things to see on your way including streams, rivers, lakes and if you are lucky enough you can spot wild animals like Yak, Himalayan Bear or Himalayan Black Bear. The best time to visit is from May to October when the temperature is pleasant and there is little chance of snowfall. Also try to avoid winters because there may be heavy snowfall which may make your journey very difficult. To avoid accidents make sure that your vehicle has a good suspension system as well as a sturdy engine for driving at high altitudes.

Shimla – Chandigarh

Shimla-Chandigarh is regarded as one of India’s most beautiful bike rides. This road takes you through terraced fields, streams and forests. It climbs up to Shimla, where several lovely waterfalls are waiting for you. Chandigarh is home to some interesting monuments and parks (some of which are free). Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Kalkajaka can be seen on your way to Shimla.

Bangalore – Hassan – Mysore – Ooty

This trip was a dream ride for me. I planned it well in advance, by looking up online on various websites and blogs about safe routes from Bangalore to Mysore via Hassan. It involved crossing 2 ghat sections – Thippagondanahalli and Sakleshpura Ghat section. Both of them were amazing experiences as they offered breathtaking views of nature at its best! There is no other way to describe what my eyes saw that day when I crossed those two ghat sections! Before I started with my journey, I had researched each and every detail possible regarding these two Ghat sections so that everything went smoothly without a glitch at any point.

Coorg – Kerala Border

This 40 kilometer ride offers great views of Western Ghats with coffee and pepper plantations on both sides. This route begins at Madikeri and ends at Anthoor. This trip is ideal for those who want to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, and yet not too far away. The best time to visit Coorg – Kerala Border is post-monsoon, when greenery is at its peak.

Goa -> Hampi -> Gokarna

India is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in South Asia, and so it’s no surprise that there are several bike trips that go from beach to beach. For example, if you want to take a trip from Goa (India’s best state for beaches) to Gokarna (home of one of Asia’s best beaches), there are many great options. This route will take you down an incredibly scenic coastline on one of India’s most popular roads with little traffic. You’ll ride past several blue holes, which are epic-looking underground caves formed by centuries-old mining operations. You’ll also get to see several small towns along your ride, including historic Hampi and its famous Hindu temples, as well as multiple beaches along your way.

Bengaluru -> Manipal -> Mangalore -> Kasargod

2-3 days : One of India’s most picturesque coastal roads, stretching from Mangalore to Kasargod, is a perfect ride for any budding motorcyclist. Highlights include fishing villages and, of course, lush tropical forests all along. As part of your road trip itinerary you can add a visit to Manipal, Kavaratti (Andaman Islands), Karwar and Bhatkal – plan on roughly 2-3 days for these legs of your trip.

 Delhi – Agra – Pushkar – Jaipur

This is a leisurely ride, following NH8 from Delhi to Jaipur. You can take many pit stops and breaks to see historical monuments along the way. You’ll pass through small towns, villages and forests for most of your trip and will have to brave horrible traffic once you reach Jaipur. Also, be careful about lions when riding at night! [Best Time: October-March]

The Kalinga Jungle Safari

Kalinga (also called Orissa) is a popular tourist destination because of its location along a coast that’s been home to humans for more than 6,000 years. It’s also a popular destination because it offers some amazing adventures and opportunities to see things that aren’t usually available to tourists—like jungle safaris. On these trips, you’ll venture deep into Kalingan forests—where tigers and wild elephants are native. There are no fences or railings, so you can experience everything from up close without having anything between you and your subject.

Varanasi to Khajuraho

It’s a 6-day bike trip, starting and ending in Varanasi. You’ll pass through Mirzapur, Jaunpur, Bhitaura Ghat and a few other places before ending up at Khajuraho. While you can make it back to Varanasi from Khajuraho via train, you should also consider adding another day or two to enjoy everything around that area—places like Orchha and Panna National Park. Ideally, take 7 days for this trip; 5 days if you want to push yourself hard. Follow along with our detailed itinerary here .

Bangalore to Ooty Via Mysore

One of The Best Bike Rides in South India: If you are looking for an adventurous trip, consider taking your bike to Ooty, which is a perfect destination for off-roading. The route from Bangalore to Ooty will take you through some beautiful landscapes and national parks in Mysore and Madikeri. However, it is important to choose a comfortable time of year for biking through these locations.

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