Why Makes Bermuda Special Among Tourists Worldwide? 

Why Makes Bermuda Special Among Tourists Worldwide? 

People from across the globe die to visit the Bermuda’s beaches. The turquoise waves in combination with soft white sand; Bermuda’s pink sand coastline is a spectacle to behold.

Once you see it for yourself, you find it almost hard to believe. Yes, that true hue of pink sand beaches of Bermuda is lesser-known natural wonder.

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Why Should You Visit Bermuda Once in Your Lifetime?

To quote Mark Twain, ‘You go to heaven if you want to, I would rather stay here.’ Outdoor enthusiasts put Bermuda top on the travel bucket list – for good reasons.

The Outside magazine has ranked Bermuda as the ‘Best Island’ in 2015.

It is a ‘heaven’ in the Atlantic, after all. With its jaw-dropping pink beaches, soothing weather, aesthetically pleasing architecture, mind-boggling water sports, there is no way you miss out on it.

And if you go through the numbers, you will be left in awe. Tourists spent around €560 million in Bermuda in 2019. Even during the pandemic, new hotels and restaurants emerged for a multi-billion-dollar facelift.

For UK tourists, good news awaits. The pink beach island has become more accessible than ever before. The increased availability of airways in 2021, the connectivity rose up. Thanks to direct flight availability from the UK with a time difference of 4 hours, the island is an ideal place to be for holidaymakers.

If tropical beach escape is what you are after or seeking a beach workcation, Bermuda should very well be on top of your travel bucket list.

The Sustainable Travelling – You Can’t Say No to

Everyone seems to rave about sustainability now more than ever. And it all started from the Bermudan culture. The island became aware of sustainability way ahead of other destinations.

With over 53 km-square in size, the island needs to be under careful regulation to protect its marine ecosystem and limited land mass. The coral reefs of Bermuda are known to provide a protective shield against coastal erosion and flooding.

This is the reason why the government invests heavily to protect the reefs’ ecosystem. Spearfishing is not a common practice there. No-wake zones are in place to protect the turtles from jet skis and fast-moving boats. Once endangered species, they are now thriving in peace and harmony.

The Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programmed (BOPP) curated a plan designating 20% of Bermuda’s waters as entirely protected marine areas. This helps attain sustainable fishery management goals.

In Nonesuch Island, the conservation efforts are more profound than any other islands in the world. Thanks to a rewilding project that is almost 60 years old, the flora and fauna of the island was restored to a pre-colonization state. It is now home to a variety of critically endangered species that include the Bermuda petrel.

While public access is restricted in Nonesuch Island, hikers and cyclists turn to the Bermuda Railway Trail to experience an escape to nature. If you want to explore the island, go after the scenic 30-kilometre trail.

While there are no gas car rentals in the island, you can still rent electric cars and explore the best shots of Nature that surrounds you. But remember to adhere to the 35 kilometers per hour speed limit rule.

Underwater Shipwrecks and Caves

The carefully thought-out conservation plan of the island makes the place a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The submerged vessels offer a great natural habitat for an umpteenth volume of marine life. With around 300 wrecks scattering around the island, it is a once-in-lifetime experience for divers. This is why the island is called the ‘Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic’.

The US Confederate Army steamer (225-foot) sank during an attempt to break the Union’s blockade of the South in the American Civil War.

The coral reefs spread over 320 square kilometers create natural habitats for marine life. As a diver, if you are lucky, you will get to see blue angelfish, spiny lobster, parrotfish and trumpetfish. Also, do not miss the Cathedral, which is a stunning underwater cavern. This is home to a number of lobsters, parrotfish and snappers. Lucky divers may also get to see humpback whales.    

Stunning Greens, Sparkling Blues

A soothing year-round climate, fairway vistas you have to see to believe. No wonder Bermuda is the backdrop for golf events such as the Butterfield Bermuda Championship. With ample courses per square mile, Bermuda is a true golfer’s paradise.

The key elements that make golf challenging in Bermuda also make for amazing views from the golf course. The 16th hole at Port Royal Golf Course features breathtaking coastal cliffs beyond the rolling green. You may also choose a shorter yet equally challenging round at Ocean View Golf Course. What you get? Explore the stunning views of the West End. If you are after some breathtaking vistas of Hamilton Harbor, look at the beautiful greens located at Newstead Belmont Hills.

Mouthwatering Local Dishes

You will be awestruck by the taste of the local food served in the small, unbelievable spots like food trucks, roadside cafes, and family-owned restaurants. The staple dining features the classic fish sandwich. It is served on raising bread with coleslaw, tartar & hot sauce. When feeling thirsty, grab a rum cocktail. You may also want to take a sip on the popular cocktails, the Rum Swizzle or the Dark ‘n Stormy.

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